Financial Planning - it's what we do! 

As Advisory Representatives of Financial Resources Group, LLC we have prepared a listing, below, of the components that are included in the development of a financial plan.

Retirement Planning requires evaluating income needs during retirement, which means budgets, projections and calculations as to cash flow, inflation, investment return, etc.  This guides us as to what is required today to prepare for a comfortable retirement tomorrow. 

Investment Management  We provide access to asset managers that are not typically available to the individual investor.




Our "Portfolio to Plan Process" links your portfolio assets with your financial  plan to determine the appropriate risk/reward formula needed to help fund your retirement and not out live your money.  

Risk Management is implemented to help protect income, reduce emotional decisions and help conserve the assets of the estate by reducing volatility through asset diversification.

Retirement Distribution strategies designed to minimize taxes can mean a longer retirement income income stream or more monthly income. 

Tax Strategies are a very important part of the financial planning process and should be constantly taken into consideration when making decisions in all areas.

Estate Planning allows clients to pass their assets according to their wishes efficiently an effectively through the use of wills, trusts, charitable planning, insurance, etc.

Education Funding can provide a tax favored method to save for college for those clients who have children.

Finally - Ongoing Monitoring - because life happens and changes are guaranteed.  Ongoing monitoring helps us identify problem areas and make adjustments to keep your plan on track. 

Let us show you how a financial plan can benefit you and your family not only today but in the future.

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